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Hi! I'm Celestin Dimitriu,

a designer based in London.

I believe a strong design outcome is supported by the balance between understanding of the problem and idea-generating, giving it a visual voice as a result. Telling stories through beautifully crafted and well-informed design work is my passion. Thus, understanding the culture’s needs and desires for fresh content, and delivering it in sophisticated visual ways that are sensitively and knowingly designed is my goal.

As a multi-disciplined graphic designer with many hats including, brand identity/brand experience, visual communication, print & digital design, I believe in the power of a great story and that of a big idea at the core of every design. In a world of noise, how do we create compelling stories and bring brands to life?

My personal goal is to use my graphic design expertise to make a positive impact on brands and people while always focusing on communicating the intended message as creatively, clearly and effectively as possible and while applying just the right touch of persona and aesthetic integrity in all of my work.

My design process


Here's where I deep dive into the problem, getting insights, observations, do user interviews and gather as much of data and get as much clarity

as possible.


During the definition stage, it is all about convergent thinking where I'm organising all the findings into a problem definition then focus on building narratives and crafting great strategies as well as decide on the direction and execution.


The developing stage is all about finding a solution to the problems identified and focus on building prototypes (this is where I get really critical and technical) testing with the idea and paying good attention to detail is vital here.


In the delivery stage, I focus on the application and refinement of my work in order to come up with effective and creative design solutions.


The Interwined Relationship Between Music & Politics

I think music has the power to change the world: music can break down barriers, it can heal and can also create meaning. Music is impactful while it can give different social groups a sense of pride and belonging while it also brings disparate people together. For me, there is no universal language like music.

Music can be employed for positive or negative actions, for populist political campaigns, but also by the anti-establishment, as a voice of protest but also for things such as sports, entertainment or religion. Music also helps me keep my creative juices flowing. So, in this project, I am exploring how music and politics are intertwined through visual language and sequence. What you’ll see in this exhibition is how music has the power to shift poles and how it interferes with the different modalities of governance such as multi-polarity, uni-polarity, bi-polarity and “nonpolarity” which Richard N. Hass argues is a new and emerging form of governance: “power is now found in many hands and in many places”.


In order to generate meaning and let the music dictate the outcomes, almost every motion, or effect has been created by linking the sound waves of the music you are about to hear with the text. Some additional design elements such as colours, shapes and textures have also been included to enhance the experience although the movement and timing are completely produced and dictated by each individual track.


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