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Hello, my name is Celestin Dimitriu, I believe a strong design outcome is supported by the balance between understanding of the problem and idea-generating, giving it a visual voice as a result. Telling stories through beautifully crafted and well-informed design work is my passion. Thus, understanding the culture’s needs and desires for fresh content, and delivering it in sophisticated visual ways that are sensitively and knowingly designed is my goal.

As a multi-disciplined graphic designer with many hats including, brand identity & strategy, visual communication, print & digital design, I believe in the power of a great story and that of a big idea at the core of every design. In a world of noise, how do we create compelling stories and bring brands to life?

Selected Clients:

GOV.UK, Meta, WWF, NHS, Immersive International, Torch Theatre, Authors & Co, Hamilton-Brown, Primephonic, In Good Company, Shleep

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