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A collection of book cover designs.





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Book Cover Design

Social Media Strategy

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On this page, I'm excited to share a carefully selected assortment of my favorite book cover designs and editorial projects. These pieces really capture my creative process, from sketching out initial ideas to fine-tuning the layout and making sure everything looks just right in the final print.


Take a look and dive into these projects - they're not just about design skills but also about the heart and soul I pour into bringing each of the client's vision to fruition, step by step from research & ideation all the way to the design & print production.

Book Cover and Social-Media promotional animation for the self-help author Frederike Harms.​


In her book "The Side Hustle Solution" Frederike tells stories, actionable advice and practical tips highlighting the path to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams without sacrificing other areas of your life. Based on the strategies she developed while building her own successful side hustle business and refined while working with other clients, here she outlines seven things you need to do before starting your own business.

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