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Hate Speech and Fake News
by Facebook

Facebook approached APCO with the challange of designing two Media Literacy Campaigns for a worldwide audience and with the aim of raising awareness about the Hate-Speech and Fake Information on their platform.


Following Facebook's brand guidelines, each campaign was carefully designed and translated to adapt to the customs and culture of the country of where it was published.

Hate Speech - Media Literacy Campaign 1

Published in 8 languages and displayed across two continents Africa and Europe, the Facebook Hate Speech static and animated campaign aim is to raise awareness about the hate speech issue on the platform by asking the community to get involved and help Facebook identify and remove the hate speech by reporting it.

Fake News - Media Literacy Campaign 2

The Facebook False News Campaign was initially designed in English and Swahili at the request of the Ugandan government. The campaign started with an initiative by Facebook and the Ugandan Gov to help the citizens of Uganda spot the false news by following the 5 easy steps in time for Ugandan elections. Facebook later decided to translate it into several other languages and was also adapted for a European audience as well.

Artboard 1 Landscape.jpg
Artboard 1 Landscape.jpg
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