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Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Editorial, Digital, Video Editing

Immersive Brand Refresh

In response to a creative collaboration with Immersive, I undertook the task of revitalizing their brand identity with the aim of creating a fresh and modern presence across various channels. This comprehensive redesign encompassed various elements, including the development of a captivating colour palette, enhancing the legibility and impact of their logo, and the establishment of a novel grid infrastructure.


Furthermore, I had the privilege to craft innovative and visually engaging and exciting layouts. Through a methodical and devoted process, my aspiration was to furnish Immersive International with a revitalized brand persona that effortlessly merges aesthetics with utility. This strategic overhaul not only assures a compelling and uniform image across diverse platforms but also remains an authentic conduit for effectively conveying the brand's core values.

Brochure Cover S1.jpg
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