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What if we could harness energy through the power of our voices?




Speculative Design

Critical Design

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3D & 2D Concept art

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The world is developing rapidly and our need for power is ever-expanding, with the European Union also promising net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. The transition to a climate-neutral society is both an urgent matter, a challenge and an opportunity to build a better future for all.

So, I wondered, what if we can find a way to harness and utilise the power of our voices and our ability to communicate in order to create new possibilities in the sustainable power and communication technology sectors?Therefore, the Vocal Power project is a proposal and a visual exploration of alternative futures and various ways we could hypothetically farm energy from our vocal cords based on early studies on the subject. The project aims to inspire discussion and further speculation about how we can harness the power of our voice through communication to provide for our ever-growing hunger for energy. Also, how that can benefit the planet and humanity more in the near future?