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Children's Fiction by R.J Palacio


Book Cover Design



Features & Recognitions

Penguin Random House Awards


The challenge

Bring this original and unforgettable book to new readers. The design should ensure that this important book remains a must-read for every child.


Shortlisted for the Random House award-winning, my take on the cover design for the children’s book “Wonder” which is about Auggie who is the new kid in the fifth grade, but in addition to being new, he has a facial deformity. Often, when he’s in public, people stare at his deformity, but Auggie himself feels invisible.So as his sister said in the book, (August is the sun and every other planet are just people orbiting the sun and Daisy is just there as she is the only one not caring what he looks like or judges him by his appearance.).

wonder cover on template navy2.jpg
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