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Two Media Literacy Campaigns
by Facebook





Type of Work

Digital Campaign
Layout Design

Brand Identity

Facebook, approached APCO Worldwide and myself with the formidable task of crafting two groundbreaking Media Literacy Campaigns for a global audience. The overarching goal? To heighten awareness and inspire action against Hate Speech
and Fake Information rampant on the platform.

Adhering meticulously to Facebook's brand guidelines, each campaign was not only meticulously designed but also translated to resonate with the diverse customs and cultures of the countries where it was launched.

The Facebook Hate Speech Campaign:
A Global Call
to Action

Launched in 8 distinct languages (English, French, Swahili, Omoro, Amharic, Ukrainian, Georgian and Romanian Moldovan) and spanning two continents, Africa and Europe — our static and animated Hate Speech Campaign serves as a rallying cry. Its core mission is to illuminate the pervasive issue of hate speech on the platform, urging the community to actively engage and aid Facebook in the identification and removal of such content by encouraging prompt reporting.

This dynamic initiative transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, fostering a sense of global responsibility in the fight against
online toxicity.

French Static Web Banner

French Animated Campaign

The Facebook
Fake News

Initially required to be designed in English and Swahili at the request of the Ugandan government, the Facebook Fake News Campaign emerged to aid citizens in navigating pre-election information. Evolving from its roots, this collaborative effort expanded globally, emphasising five simple steps to identify
false news.

Beyond serving Ugandan needs, the campaign's reach spans multiple languages, adapting seamlessly for European audiences as well.

A testament to our dedication to global digital literacy, these campaigns connect diverse communities, reinforcing collective action against online challenges, and shaping a safer digital
space worldwide.